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  • Dario Radečić

    Dario Radečić

    5M+ views | Data Scientist & Top Tech Writer | YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/BetterDataScience

  • Michael


    Professional Data Analyst, not so professional Data Scientist — based in SG. linkedin.com/in/michael-ow

  • Amardeep Parmar

    Amardeep Parmar

    Host of Mindful & Driven ☆ Keep sight of what matters whilst chasing your dreams ☆ Download my FREE Anti-Burnout Toolkit https://antiburnout.mindfuldriven.com/

  • Anthony Moore

    Anthony Moore

    Writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, and you. Come say hey. anthonymoore.co

  • Tim Denning

    Tim Denning

    Aussie Blogger with 500M+ views — Writer for CNBC & Business Insider. Inspiring the world through Personal Development and Entrepreneurship — timdenning.com/mb

  • Megan Holstein

    Megan Holstein

    Doing my best to make people’s lives better ✺ free books at www.meganeholstein.com ✺ support me by joining Medium: https://meganholstein.medium.com/membership

  • Eryk Lewinson

    Eryk Lewinson

    Data Scientist, ML/DL enthusiast, quantitative finance, gamer.

  • Matthew Brulhardt

    Matthew Brulhardt

    MS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics @ Stony Brook University | I’m a simple person who likes four things: design, mathematics, computer science, and data.

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