• Pedro Lealdino Filho

    Pedro Lealdino Filho

    Mathematics Education Ph.D. and Computer Science Teacher based in Brazil. Photographer. Data Science and Stock Market enthusiast. Building wealth through data.

  • Fabio


  • Elina Roytman

    Elina Roytman

  • sharky


  • 7 Circles

    7 Circles

    The UK Guide for the Private Investor ... All things Business Finance & Economics http://the7circles.uk

  • Eric Kleppen

    Eric Kleppen

    Software Product Analyst in Data Science. pythondashboards.com Top writer in Business www.linkedin.com/in/erickleppen01/

  • Sebastian Weber

    Sebastian Weber

  • Luiz Frias

    Luiz Frias

    Data scientist, growth hacker, algo trader

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